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With your free trial account you’ll be able to:

Import and organise your subscribers into folders and lists
Use the free-form editor to create your email campaign layout
Send your campaign to up to 1,000 subscribers (subject to approval)
View who has opened and clicked your campaign content


Create folders and lists to organise and manage your subscriber data


Use the drag-and-drop free-format editor to create beautiful HTML emails


Profile and select your target audience and schedule your campaigns for delivery


Review your results – see who has opened and clicked your campaigns


There are just 3 simple steps to open your free trial account

1. Complete the request form

Complete a few details using the trial request form opposite.

We’ll ask for your email, name, company and telephone number. Please enter you details carefully as we’ll use these to contact you. We’ll also ask for a few other details – these will help our team to understand your requirements and set up the free trial account for you.

2. Verify your details

We’ll need to speak with you to verify your details.

The free trial is intended as a feature for those who genuinely want to evaluate the platform for themselves. As soon as possible after we receive your trial request one of our team will call you just to verify that you are a real person (?) and to make sure that we have captured your details correctly. We’ll then open your trial account for you.

3. You're ready to go

A few bits of administration and your account is ready.

On opening your trial account we’ll drop you an email so you can double check your account details, create your secure password and set your preferences. Then you’re ready to go. You’ll  have free access to the platform for 30 days with 1,000 free sends included. Need help? Please feel free to contact us at any time. No problem.

Don't like forms? In a hurry?
No problem... fast-track your trial request

Call us on +44 (0) 20 3355 2630 between 9am – 5pm on Monday to Friday. One of our friendly and experienced Customer Success team will guide you through the process and set up your trial account for you – one call, just a few verification details and you’ll be ready to go.

Before you start

Please read the ‘Some important things you should know‘ section below. Thank you

And... if you like what you see

We have a number of flexible purchase options. You can upgrade to one of our Email Monthly or pay-as-you go Email Credits plans directly from within your trial account, or contact us if you’d like to set up a Monthly per-subscriber plan or discuss any of our pricing options.

Get 25% discount when you convert your trial account to one of our Monthly per-subscriber packages before your trial expires.

Monthly per subscriber

Monthly billing based on an unlimited number of email sends per month. Pricing bands are based on a maximum number of subscribers held in the system

Email Monthly

Monthly billing based on a limited number of email sends per month. Pricing bands are based on a maximum number of email sends per month.

Email Credits

Simply purchase flexible pay-as-you-go credits for email sends and top them up whenever convenient. Pay-as-you-go email credits have no time expiry.

Before you open your trial account

Some important things you should know

Purpose of trial
We think is full of useful features and is incredibly easy to use. We hope that offering a free trial is the best way for you to discover this for yourself before making your decision. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you’d like help or advice. Our Customer Success team is here to help.

We take security seriously. Clearly identifying yourself is a legal requirement of anyone intending to market using email. To protect ourselves and our customers we will automatically lock trial accounts where we feel that the credentials supplied are incomplete or not genuine, where the data or content is suspicious or where multiple accounts have been opened. If  you find that your account is locked please contact us to verify your details.  For further details of data protection relating to use of our platform please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

Your email address
Please ensure that the email address you use to open your trial account is correct and accessible. In order to open your account you’ll first need to click a verification link in the email we’ll send to this address. Without your verification you will not be able to access your trial account.

Your telephone number
We’ll initially contact you by telephone to verify your details and open account. Please ensure you include your telephone number (including any international dialing code if you are not based in the UK). Trial accounts requested with incorrect or unobtainable telephone numbers will not be opened.

Subscriber data
A condition of use of is that we only accept users of genuine subscriber data. Please don’t open a trial if you are intending to use purchased, rented or other forms of third party data. We will review your data and if we believe it to be suspicious we will lock your account. Please review our Anti-spam Policy information.

Campaign approval
Your trial account includes 1,000 free sends. However we’ll need to review your subscriber data and approve your first campaign before it is sent. We’ll automatically be alerted when you schedule your first campaign. Approval is normally quick but please allow longer if scheduling outside of normal UK office hours. In a hurry? Call us on +44 (0) 20 3355 2630.

Delivery performance
To protect our reputation and that of our customers, delivery of trial account campaigns is handled differently to those of our commercial customers. This may result in poorer delivery statistics than usual. Please contact us if delivery is of a particular interest in your evaluation. We’ll be happy to discuss alternative trial options.

Trial expiry
After 30 days your free trial account will expire and will be locked from further use. After this you will no longer have access to any subscriber data you have loaded, campaign assets or results. You can upgrade to one of our commercial packages at any time directly from within your trial account, or please contact us if you’d like to explore other options or extend your trial.

Questions? Contact us - we're here to help