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The coffee break guide to integrated email marketing


Create an integrated data environment

Data integration can be a powerful aid to making your email marketing more efficient and productive. Connected applications allow you to organise and share information, mobilising the value in your data across multiple business departments or locations.

For small and larger businesses alike it’s a valuable step to take.

Discussions and content on the subject of APIs tends to be aimed at developers who are already familiar with the concepts and terminologies. For everybody else, here’s a straight forward guide to what integration is, how an API works and some of the key concepts you’ll need to understand.

Topices included:

This guide provides a step by step introduction to creating an integrated, data-driven environment for your email marketing. The topics covered include:

• What is data integration?
• The benefits of an integrated data-driven approach
• Connecting applications – the mechanics of an API
• Common integration applications for CRM
• Common integration applications for eCommerce
• Sample case studies


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Coffee break guide to integrations
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