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Email Marketing - The Essentials


What you need to know to get started

Would you like to get better results from your email marketing campaigns? You could be missing out if you don’t apply the right techniques – but where do you begin?

In our free eBook, we’ve compiled the key things you need to know to maximise the results from your email campaigns – and put them into an easily actionable format.

What’s included?

Over the last 12 years, we’ve managed thousands of email campaigns and delivered billions of emails for clients of all shapes and sizes. We’ve taken this knowledge, distilled it, and put the key elements into this guide.

This guide takes you through the essential things you need to know to get more from your email marketing and then shows you exactly how to implement them. Each chapter also includes a handy checklist and links to tutorials.

• Planning your email marketing
• The golden rules of list building
• How to comply with email marketing law
• Creating great emails
• Targeting and timing emails for best results
• How to use A/B testing
• Improving your email delivery
• How to augment your emails with social media
• Understanding email analytics


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