Write content addressing one person

1 minute read

When writing the copy for your emails remember that you’re talking to an individual, not a group.

It’s a common mistake to write an email campaign as though addressing a big audience – but each email you send really has an audience of one, so try changing your phrasing to talk to the reader as an individual, it’s much more likely to engage them.

Think ‘you’ and ‘your’, rather than ‘some of you’. If you ever find yourself writing ‘those of you’, stop and give yourself a good talking to.

Remember that deep down, what the reader really cares about is themselves (not your company!) – and how what you’re saying impacts them, so make it really clear in your copy what it means for them and why they should care. Spell it out clearly!

Compelling email copywriting

An email campaign which addresses someone directly and puts their needs at the core of the message is much more compelling.