Using welcome emails to boost engagement

2 minute read

A welcome email is the first email you send after someone subscribes to your list. It’s also a commonly overlooked opportunity to boost your revenues.

The welcome email is normally the most read email you will ever send. It’s common to see 400% more opens and 500% more clicks than a normal email campaign because recipients are so engaged with you.

How to make the most of the welcome email opportunity:

  • Send it as soon as possible after a person subscribes, to maximise the opportunity for engagement.
  • Include a bonus or incentive to add extra value to the reader (a great opportunity to exceed expectations).
  • Have a clear goal for the email, for example:
    • Drive purchases – use a special offer, voucher or simply showcase your most popular product
    • Whitelisting – encourage readers to add you to their address book so you get better inbox placement
    • Capture more information – use a competition or voucher incentive to get additional details
  • Use a compelling subject line, ideally referencing the action they’ve just taken (i.e. joining your list)

The next step on from a welcome email is setting up a drip marketing (also called autoresponder) sequence of messages.

How to set up a welcome email in

  1. Create your email in the same way as a normal campaign
  2. Then set up a Marketing Automation rule (Send > Marketing Automation) and choose the ‘When a subscriber is added to a list’ trigger
  3. Select the email you just created, and choose the time delay (we suggest ‘as soon as possible’)
  4. Save the rule, and you’re done.