Campaign execution

Target, deliver and analyse your campaign

The days of the generic email broadcast are over. To be successful you’ll need to target, automate and optimise your campaigns. Here’s how.

Precision targeting

Use ‘Audiences’ and ‘Dimensions’ to precision target your campaigns  – target by subscriber profile, geo-location, engagement, frequency, device and many more.

Marketing Automation

Easy to use rule-based automation for personal one-to-one messages – perfect for birthday offers, basket recovery campaigns and date driven event sequences.


Sender authentication, optimised campaign assets, and white-listed delivery channels are just some of the techniques we use to maximise your chances of successful delivery.

Analysing performance

You’ll find all the standard campaign metrics, together with user defined ROI goals, engagement maps and a host of subscriber level analytics and reporting.

“Our open and click through rates are above target and continuing to increase. We’ve already taken our marketing well beyond our previous capability…” The Rainforest Cafe

Finding the needle in the haystack

Precision Targeting

Our suite of targeting tools allow you to segment and target the right people on your database with exacting precision.

Using Audience Segmentation you can combine 7 different dimensions to identify the perfect recipients for each message. Use flexible combinations of profile data, geolocation, engagement, frequency, domain, dates and list membership.

Take things to the next level with Audience Insights, our behavioural targeting solution that allows you to analyse subscriber activity on your website and use that to further deepen your personalisation.

Geo targeted email marketing
email delivery
A great email needs great


You’ve created a great email, spent time getting the wording just right, creating a perfect call to action and an eye-catching design. Now it’s time to send.

This is where a lot of email marketing campaigns fail – never getting to the inbox thanks to poor delivery.

We work hard to optimise your email delivery at every stage – keeping your data clean, your email designs are responsive and their assets optimised, applying proper sending authentication and managing delivery via our whitelisted sending channels with actively managed ISP relationships.

Never miss an opportunity with

Marketing Automation

Our Marketing Automation tools make it easy to create personal, one-to-one messages – the kind that get incredibly high open rates and click-throughs because they reach people at exactly the right time.

Simply choose a trigger event that you’d like to start the sequence – for example it being a week before their birthday. Then choose what you’d like to happen next. This could be sending them a particular email or SMS, moving them to a different list or notifying someone else (like your sales team).

Then just sit back and relax. will watch for the trigger events and perform the actions you requested, and it’ll do this for as long as you leave the rule active for. You get all the usual reporting too.

Marketing Automation
Email analytics
Know what's working with

Powerful Email Analytics

Once you send out an email with you’ll have access to real-time analytics. These let you see exactly how it’s performing with your readers.

The real power of these reports is that they let you continually improve your email marketing, by seeing what’s working and what’s not. They also let you identify different customer preferences, so you can make future emails more specific to different customers.

We provide a whole host of different reports to help you extract the most useful, actionable information from your statistics. If you like the idea of putting your email analytics to good use, you’ll probably enjoy our free guide to email analytics.

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