Theme your emails with global and local styles

3 minute read

You may have noticed when in the email editor the ‘themes’ icon at the top right hand side.

Themes icon

This is how you control the overall look and feel of your email design – we call it the Global Style. Whatever you change here will affect all of the components in your email layout.

Finding the theme - global style

There are a number of preset global themes – these pre-set all of the aspects of your design – backgrounds, fonts, headings, buttons… Here’s what happens if you select the ‘Bold Red’ theme.

BOod red theme

However, you’re probably going to want a little more specific control over different aspects of your design. Just click the ‘themes’ icon and below the pre-set styles then you’ll have access to all of the different design elements. Remember what you change here will affect every component in your layout.

You might want to change the email background colour…


or the font colour of the paragraph style text…

Font colour

or the font style and colour of any of your headings. Here’s a level 1 heading…

Heading colour

Scroll down a little and you’ll also see a section for styling your call to action buttons. You can change the font and shape styling, the background colour and the justification and width of the button – as a global style this will change the styling of all of the call to action buttons in your design.

Button styling

The other way to adapt your look and feel is to edit the local style. What you do here will overwrite the global style but only for the specific component you have chosen. First select your component and then find the handle on its right hand side – with the three dots. Underneath the options to move the component you’ll see an option to edit the theme.

Local style

Clicking this will reveal a similar set of options as for the global style – background colours, text styling etc. Here I’ve used the local style to change the size and colour of the paragraph text and the component background. Remember, what you change here will only affect the specific component you have selected.

Local style background

Between them, global and local themes give a wide variety of styling options. With a little imagination you’ll be able to capture your brand perfectly. When you’re happy save your theme so you can come back to it again next time.