The Rundown Report: Twitter’s growth slows, fight back against email phishing & new NASA artwork

2 minute read

It’s been a busy week here at, so let’s sit back and catch up on all the latest news and goings on!

1. Data transmission speeds up!

A study by the Optical Network Group at University College London has broken the record for the highest rate of data received by a single receiver, at 1.125 terabits per second. Mashable have reported of this big news this week.

2. Twitter’s growth slows down

The news hasn’t been great for Twitter recently, with The Telegraph highlighted that the social network has reported no growth in their active members for the first time. Teamed with falling share prices, the pressure is on for Twitter at the moment.

3. The decline of the television?

IAB have published a study on the decline of the TV centric living room. Their stats suggest that, amongst other stats, during TV programmes over a third of people are checking emails. 

4. Fight back against email phishing

The team at Deliverability have followed up on their first post, with five more tips on how email marketers can fight back against email phishing. As ever, your email content is crucial for ensuring it lands in your subscribers’ inbox.

5. NASA’s new artwork

This week NASA have released a set of space tourism posters and we’re big fans of these artworks here in the office. The imagery was created by Invisible Creature, after being commissioned by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Grab the artwork over here.

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