The Rundown Report: Goodbye 40 million, £10k a day in fines and digital invisibility

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In the week that scientists declare that the impact of human activity has now moved Earth into ‘Anthropocene’, a new ‘man-made’ Epoch in it’s planetary history, here are 3 stories reminding us that it’s not easy living in the information age.

Missing… where did I put that 40 million?

It’s an easy mistake to make. The International Business Times has reported that shares in Germany electrical cable company Leoni AG have fallen 7% after it’s CFO was tricked by a phishing email into transferring 40 million Euros into an unknown bank account. The email was masquerading as an instruction from one of the company’s top executives.

Phishing scam

Hiding… they’ll find you

Fall foul of the regulations on The Data Protection Act and you’ll hear from the ICO. The Information Commissioner’s Office has pledged to protecting UK consumers and genuine marketers by intensifying its fight against unsolicited marketing. This week the ICO announced that it has fined nuisance marketing firms the equivalent of nearly £10,000 a day in 2016.


Disappeared… gone without a trace

Finally, it’s not easy to disappear, but should you want to become digitally invisible CNET has recently reported 5 steps to take to completely delete yourself from the internet. No surprise – giving up your email account is one of them.

Gone missing