The Rundown Report: Fake news stories, Super Mario and more!

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Another week has flown by, so let’s catch up on three stories that caught our attention this week…

Rundown report
Facebook tackles fake new stories

After receiving criticism about fake news stories during the US elections, Facebook have announced new tools to help fight against fabricated news. The BBC reports that this may mean changes to their algorithm too.


Yahoo shares more about the 2013 hack

It’s reported that more than one billion user accounts were hacked in August 2013, with security officer, Bob Lord, disclosing that they haven’t been able to determine how data was stolen. Tech Crunch has more on this story.

Yahoo hack

Super Mario arrives on iPhone and iPad!

Nintendo has rolled out Super Mario to iPhones and iPads this week – the first time Nintendo have created a smartphone game based on Mario. To celebrate the launch Apple have shared a sketch creator Shigeru Miyamoto drew on their iPad pro..

Super Mario

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