The Rundown Report: Facebook’s taxes, House of Cards & a new Snapchat feature

1 minute read

It’s been a busy week here at, so sit back and let’s catch up on all the latest news and goings on!

1. Facebook told to pay their taxes

The BBC have reported that Facebook are set to pay millions more in tax after a recent overhaul of the UK tax structure. The changes will also affect other big brands, including Sainsbury’s and Unilever. 

2. A new feature from Snapchat

Using The Oscars as its launchpad, Snapchat have unveiled it’s new Live Story web player. The IAB reports that it allows users to watch videos out-of-app for the first time.

3. House of Cards is back!

As series four of House of Cards arrives on Netflix this weekend, we enjoyed reading The Telegraph’s look back at how the show has transformed how we watch TV. 

4. It’s all gone a bit Matrix…

Scientists discover how to upload knowledge to your brain, Matrix style. In all seriousness, a team in California have claimed they’ve invented a simulator that can accelerate learning and skill retention.

5. Another day, another cat story

For a light hearted addition to this week’s Rundown Report how about the story of the cat and baby that have been friends since before birth. Mashable has the full story (and cute pictures of course!)

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