Twitter: how often do you tweet?

2 minute read

The Telegraph reported today that Twitter users now send 50 million tweets per day, almost 600 every second.

Social media articles are arguably dominated by the growth and strength on Facebook, but it appears Twitter is also growing at a substantial amount. In 2007 5,000 tweets were sent, this jumped to 300,000 in 2008 and 2009 saw 35 million users tweeting everyday. In the last year to now alone we’ve seen a growth of 43% and this growth is expected to continue, especially with influential characters such as Bill Gates joining Twitter.

In other Twitter news, Mashable today reported  some new Twitter statistics from the research company, Neilsen. According to their recent research, 7% of Twitter users are what they call heavy users (i.e. they spend over 60 minutes on the service every month) and account for 79% of time spent on Twitter. In comparison, 52% of Facebook’s users are heavy users and they account for 98% of the total UK time spent on the website. Whilst there is a large gap between the two platforms, Facebook offers a richer variety of features and functions, so users are likely to spend more time on the website.

2010 could be the year to watch Twitter, they’ve already launched the trending topic by location function and their usage growth is impressive. Furthermore, the Telegraph reported last month that Twitter is the 38th most visited website in the UK.

Here at, we’re looking forward to seeing how Twitter continues to evolve. What do you think?