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Along with Facebook and Twitter, you may recall that Sign-Up.to recently got on board with social media/blog platform Tumblr. I personally love Tumblr; it’s a growing platform that’s massively versatile. I find it a great place to discover and share visual inspiration and though slightly different from our traditional social media approach, this is the exactly the way we use it for Sign-Up.to. Mainly we focus on great design, but we like to dabble in many different mediums, including photography, illustration and typography. We also rate general geekery pretty highly; so whether it’s technology, comic books, sci-fi or video games, there’s a high chance you’ll see some of that too.

Leanne and I take great joy in compiling posts for the Sign-Up.to page, and the Tumblr interface makes it really easy to reblog other people’s posts and to be reblogged yourself. Similarly to other social media platforms, you can follow blogs and posts from those you follow are displayed in feed form so you can easily keep tabs on what people are publishing.

We follow a real variety of blogs through Tumblr and many of the posts on our page have originated from or been discovered through them. Leanne and I wanted to showcase some of the Tumblrs we take particular inspiration from, so here are some of our favourites.

My top picks:

We love illustrationDoes exactly what it says on the tin really. Many fabulous illustrations to be enjoyed here. Design a emporterA mixed bag from these guys. Whether it be paintings, illustrations or photography, it’s always top class. Oliver PhillipsA great blog to follow for design, branding and general interesting, quirky content. 
Gaks designs Some architecture and sculpture here, as well as some interesting and unusual visual art. The awkward gamerThis blog indulges both my love of art and design, and my love of video games. It provides humour, art and geekiness, so it gets my vote.

Wildcard! – Hotties from history

This is my wildcard choice, as the concept is pretty bizarre. They post about significant people from history, that also happen to be good-looking. Educational and entertaining.


Over to Leanne!

1000 drawings

 One of my favourites, this is perfect if you love illustrations. Their theme is varied but most of the time I end up going ‘awww’ to their posts. Very sweet.



Things organized neatlyIf you like being organised, this is the place for you. Honestly. Awesome people hanging out togetherI love my celebrities and this page provides some rare (I’d like to think) photos of famous people together – some you’d expect to see together, some that take you by surprise.
Minimal movie postersThis arty page is a favourite amongst the Sign-Up.to team. They find original artworks representing films and TV shows – old and new – and make them something special. You can even buy some of the images. Dear photographTake an old photo and place it in today’s setting. Original, different and a little heart warming. I’d love to do this with some of my old childhood photos. Wildcard! – Kitties and cakesThis is my wildcard choice. I love cakes and I love cats and this page is the perfect combination of the two. Even if you don’t like cats (or cakes), some of the photos/creations are impressive!


We hope that you’ve enjoyed browsing our selection of favourites as much as we enjoyed compiling them for you! Are you on Tumblr or do you have any Tumblr recommendations for us? Leave us a comment below with details, as we’d love to check them out.