The wonderful world of Twitter!

2 minute read

Over the past week we’ve seen some great Twitter stories which we thought we’d share.

On Friday Twitter launched a “suggestions” page which suggests people you may be interested in following. We’re told that the suggestions are based on several factors, including people you follow and people they follow. We’ve tried this ourselves and were quite impressed by the new feature. The suggestions page is slowly being rolled out and you’ll see it in the find people section of your account.

Last week we heard about the death of Ivy Bean, the oldest tweeter. At 104 Ivy Bean had become a Twitter favourite, with over 62,000 followers including Stephen Fry and Gordon Brown. Ivy even met the former Prime Minister and tweeted that he was “really very nice”. Although it’s sad that she has now passed away, it really promotes how Twitter can be for people of all ages. Ivy Bean was born in 1905, seven years before the national telephone launched, yet she was able to use and enjoy social media.

Finally, Saturday marked a Twitter landmark with the 20 billionth tweet being sent. The Telegraph reported that the tweet came from a Japanese user who was having an conversation with a friend. While it took four years to reach 10 billion tweets, it took less than five months to double that figure, an excellent demonstration of the rise of social media.

We’ve really enjoyed reading these stories, but have you seen any other interesting Twitter stories recently? Tell us about them in our comments box below!