The Rundown Report: Google showdown with EU privacy watchdogs

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Another working week done, and the thunder and lightening begins! Catch up on this week’s top five news stories come storm or shine.

1. Pinterest is seeking male interest and hires Dave Rubin

Pinterest hires the previous VP of marketing at Unilever, Dave Rubin, to shake up the site to increase its appeal to men.  The split of users, according to Pinterest, is 68.2% women and 31.8% men.


2. Profits double at Netflix to £42m

Netflix’s reported profits in the second quarter rose to £42m, which is double compared to their equivalent profit last year. Attributed to a rise in subscriptions, Netflix now has 50 million users in over 40 countries.

3. Twitter to launch direct message chat upgrade

Challenging its WhatsApp counterpart, Twitter will be rolling out an update that will make it easier to send direct messages across web and mobile. They will also be updating their iPhone and Android apps to allow users to access their entire direct messaging history.

4. Google is braced for a showdown with EU privacy watchdogs

In May the European Court of Justice gave citizens the right to ask internet search engines to remove sensitive or embarrassing results for queries that include their name. Now executives from Google and Microsoft will meet with EU data protection group representitives, to discuss the implementation of the ruling. Watch this space.

5. Lacoste launches augmented reality app for new shoe range

In exciting digital news, Lacoste is taking stores digital, aiming to let shoppers virtually try on their new range of trainers. Claimed to be the first app of its kind, it uses a combination of augmented reality (AR) technology and 3D product scanning. As if we need another excuse to try on shoes!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 09.37.38

See the video here.

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