Project ReTweet

1 minute read

There’s a lot of talk about the pending overhaul of Twitter’s Retweet system that we think you should be aware of.

If you’re not already Tweeting, Retweeting and being Retweeted(?) then it’s time to get moving. Currently a user can prefix a copy of your Tweet with “RT @username” allowing their followers to see your Tweet thus drastically expanding the viral spread of your Tweet.

This is where you should be paying attention, the more RT’s the more exposure, it can go on and on like a pyramid scheme until of course you run out of characters and with those long messages it doesn’t take much. One of the new features proposed in the new overhaul would be to remove the RT and @username from the message and include it in a small summary at the bottom of each message, keeping the system clean and not adding any extra characters thus allowing unlimited Retweeting and theoretically leaving space for personalised prefixes like “check this out:”

For more information see Mashable’s update complete with draft screenshots.