New look Facebook pages – coming soon!

5 minute read

Back in December Facebook rolled out a new look profile page for users, and since then it’s been highly anticipated that pages would also be getting a bit of a revamp. Well, the revamp has begun! The update will be officially rolled out to all users on the 1st March 2011 and pages will look very similar to the current user profile pages. Check out the image below to see how our page will look!

So, what’s changed?

  • Navigation. This now appears on the left hand side. So what you knew as tabs are now placed here in a list format. We think this looks pretty smart!
  • Photos. Facebook claim they’re allowing pages to ‘showcase the latest photos‘ by placing them at the top of the page. These images will be from photo albums and wall postings; and we’ve already seen this feature implemented for normal user accounts. The good thing is that if there’s a photo you don’t want appearing you can hover over the image and click the ‘x’ button – helping you keep your page presentable.
  • Admin view. Now when I saw this I’ll admit that I was a little confused. If you’re an admin on a page you’ll know that currently your comments or updates will appear to be from the page, not your user account. However, admin view has now been taken that step further and if you choose to use ‘Facebook as an admin’ you’ll get notifications for the specific page, be able to comment on other pages (as the page) and your news feed will be filled with updates with pages you ‘like’.
  • Settings. As a Facebook page administrator you will now be allowed to choose whether you post to a page as yourself or your brand. For example, I can now choose if I post as myself, Leanne Beale, or as You can also choose your notification settings and which ‘likes’ are displayed in the left hand column.

Now all of these changes are great but what do they mean for your business? Just like the changes to profiles, it’s a new design which may take time to get used to and feel comfortable navigating around. We’ve listed some key areas to consider.

  • No more static FBML. Static FMBL is Facebook’s mark up language which allowed you to customise tabs within your page. However, Facebook are now moving towards iframes and have suggested that developers will now benefit from being able to provide deeper personalisation to the look of a page. Great for making your page stand out.
  • While it’s really great that you can now operate Facebook as your brand, what if there are multiple admins? Our page has several admin users and we’re going to need to ensure we switch back to our own user accounts, to allow other admins to update easily. However, remember that admin view doesn’t have to be used if you don’t feel it’s suitable for your business.

While the prospect of these changes may seem a little daunting, Facebook are currently allowing you to preview the new look page before ‘upgrading’. This allows you to tour the new look and familiarise yourself with it. Facebook have also provided some extensive documentation to help you along the way, which I have found particularly useful.

Although it may be frustrating to have another new interface, it’s all part of Facebook’s evolution and we think the new interface looks good and reflects the direction the popular social media site is heading in. Have you had a look at your page with the new interface? What did you think? Let us know in the comments box below!