Microsoft Outlook connects to Facebook

2 minute read

This week the Telegraph have reported that Microsoft Outlook is now integrating with Facebook, as well as MSN, Myspace and LinkedIn. According to the Telegraph, the move aims to put Outlook on a par with its web-based rivals, including Hotmail and Gmail – both of which already allow you to chat with your friends.

The new feature allows users to see pictures, status updates and wall posts, though it does have some downfalls.

“Currently, however, users will not be able to “like” updates within Outlook. This, and connections to other networks such as Twitter, should be part of further developments”

To see exclusive photos of the integration, check out an article by Mashable, who also reported on the story.

You may remember that Google attempted to do a similar thing with Bing earlier this year, which prompted some privacy complaints.  The BBC told us this week that Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has gained an impressive 12% market share in its first year – with its biggest rival still being Google (with 62% of the market).

“Google is very entrenched in the culture and in people’s behaviour and that is a tough nut to crack.”

Here at we’ll be keeping a close eye on Microsoft and Google’s integration with social media, especially with the on going reports that Google are about to launch a social media website to rival Facebook, as reported by Mashable.

We think Microsoft Outlook’s integration development is great news and will allow people to interact with Facebook friends easily and conveniently. What do you think, will you be using the new integration? We’d love to hear your comments so please leave any feedback in the comments box below!