Engaging with your Facebook Fans.

3 minute read

More than half of social network users become a fan or a follower of a brand on social networks. Most of these people seek out the brand themselves, or find them through suggestions from friends.

Once someone becomes a fan of your brand they are opting in to receive your content directly into their home feed. This gives you an unique opportunity to engage with the people who use your products or services.

Because Facebook is an interactive medium where people are used to speaking to each other, it allows you to add a bit of personality to your brand and to find out what your fans want to see. If your brand has a mascot, such as Compare the Market’s Aleksander Orlov, it can be fun to take on that character for your communications, but even if you only have people in your office you can still keep your fans updated with what you are up to. Check out our blog on Great Facebook Content for ideas.

To make the most out of your Facebook page the first thing you need is some consistent branding. Our blog on Creating a Consistent Brand Image across Social Networks should help get you on your way.

Now to start providing some content!

Do you have pictures of your products? Pictures of an office event, or maybe some videos on YouTube? All this can be added to your Facebook Page. If you already have a YouTube account and don’t want to re-load all of your videos on to Facebook, I would suggest the Involver App for Facebook Pages.

If you have a promotion on your website you can use the static FBML application to add content boxes to your page. Check out our blog on adding bespoke content to Facebook pages.

Now that your page is looking fancy, the only thing that’s left is to promote it. Get yourself a Vanity URL and place a button on your website linking through to Facebook, add a link to your Newsletter or even take up an ad on Facebook.

Once you start to gather fans more will follow as they will automatically provide their friends  with exposure to your content. To maximise this exposure you will need to engage your fans with your content so that they will like, comment and share your content.

As a general rule attempt to make any update at least a paragraph of text. The more you write there more likely it is that someone will feel the need to comment. You should try to enrich your post with media such as photos, a video or a link.

Try not to link to your website too much as this could cause people to hide your posts from their stream. Think of Facebook as a place to improve your relationship with your customers, rather than a direct sales path.