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Another article from Mashable, but it is one which highlights the importance of having a brand presence on these social networks.

Facebook and Twitter have each seen a huge number of unique visitors to their services over the last month, showing a month by month increase which is a trend which seems set to continue. The people that use these services are talking to each other on a daily basis. There is a conversation going on and if you are not part of it you are missing out on a huge amount of exposure.

You can already alert people to your newsletters over Twitter using but what about Facebook?

An example of Email / Social networking crossover I noticed recently was this campaign by Neutrogena. They have sent out an email campaign which alerts users to the existence of the Neutrogena Facebook Fan Page, more importantly, it gives an incentive for the email recipient to become a fan by offering a 10% discount.

This seems to be working for Neutrogena who now have 1,151 fans receiving updates directly to their Facebook feed. Each time one of these fans interacts with the page, their friends will see this in their feed, giving further exposure to the brand.

Of course, there are other ways to entice your mailing list members into becoming fans on Facebook. You could offer Q-jump passes to all Facebook Fans, money off their food bill, a free bottle of wine with a meal or access to a VIP area.  Anything you can think of that can be redeemed with a voucher can be offered to your Facebook Fans.

If you want to get involved with Social Networks, contact us for a bespoke solution.

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