Free calls to our 0845 numbers?

1 minute read

piggy-phoneBT have announced that from the 16th January, calls to 0870 and 0845 will be free to customers on their domestic call packages. While this won’t be relevant to everyone, we can only wonder if it will be the beginning of a trend that’ll grow to Virgin Media and both companies’ business packages.

Our choice to use an 0845 number was driven by our requirement to easily redirect calls to various locations around the country. In modern times of VoIP systems this is more easily and cheaply achieved, but when we were looking for numbers back in 2002 an 0845 number was the way to go. 0870 numbers cost the caller more, which isn’t the message we want to send at all!

On a final note, I wonder when mobile phone operators will start including calls to 0800 numbers in the monthly minute allowance. Oh dear, I’m dreaming again…