Who are you contacting, and why?

2 minute read

Along with a few other Sign-Up.to staff members I attended Seth Godin’s London Session on permission marketing. There were so many good points made both during his talk and during his marathon two hour Q&A session. I’ve just been reviewing some of the messages sent through our systems today and would like to make a couple of points fueled by yesterday’s talks.

Don’t forget you are sending to a real person.

You’re not sending to a wallet that just needs cracking open. You need to engage with a sentient being, build a relationship with them, earn their trust and then their custom. You should know them, and understand why they would want to read your message.

Be certain you have permission to send that email or SMS.

If you aren’t certain, ask yourself, “if I don’t send this campaign, will my recipients feel like I’ve let them down?”. In other words, are there real people out there waiting for your message? When they subscribed to your list, did you tell them you were going to send this type of message at this time?

So your message needs to target only those on your lists for whom your content is relevant. Keep your campaign style consistent, and make it clear in every single message you send both how the recipient got on this targeted list, and how they can opt out. This will earn their trust, and with their trust will come not only their business but also their recommendation.