Mobile marketing – engaging customers with SMS

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Your account offers you a great way to engage with your customers beyond their computer desktops. Mobile marketing gives you the ability to communicate with your audience wherever they are using SMS messages.

By setting up an SMS text-in service you make it simple for people to contact you using their mobile phone. The messages are received into your account and then processed according to rules you set up, making it simple to create a wide range of services.

For example, you can add a text-in prompt on your adverts encouraging users to text in their email address for more information. When the message is received in your account the email address is extracted and automatically sent the email message that you specify. An SMS reply is then sent back to the user to acknowledge their request and tell them that they’ve been emailed the details they requested.

If you run a restaurant you could do a similar thing on your menus and encourage repeat custom by sending people a voucher by email to redeem on their next meal.

Once someone sends you a text message their mobile number is automatically stored in your account, making it easy for you to send follow-up messages (provided you’ve asked their permission of course!) if they send in their email address we’ll even link this up into a single contact record.

You can receive SMS messages using either our UK shortcode number (61211) or our international access number (+447624802887). Our SMS shortcode is only accessible from UK mobiles, the international number can be used anywhere. Users are charged their standard network rate for texting either number.

So that we know which messages to send to your account you need to select a keyword. This keyword is unique to you and needs to be the first word in any SMS messages your users send in. You can find out about setting your SMS keyword here.

Once your keyword is set up you can start creating your text-in campaigns. In the Collect section of your account find the list called ‘SMS Catch-all’, this is where incoming text messages are received by default.

Click on ‘Options‘ and then ‘Add action‘ and you’ll see all of different things you can do when an SMS message is received.

The ‘SMS email registration‘ option lets you select an email list that any email addresses found in incoming text messages will be added to. If you have an autoresponder set up on this list then that will be triggered as well – making it simple to send an email like in the scenarios I talked about above.

Under ‘Options’ you’re also able to set an automated message that will be sent back in response to an incoming SMS, making is simple to send users an acknowledgement (always a good idea!)

As soon as you’ve followed the steps above, your SMS promotion is live – send in a text and try it out! Using our shortcode and international number to receive messages is included in your monthly fee but to send back SMS replies you’ll need to purchase SMS credits. You can do this online – click here to find out more.

You can create more advanced campaigns by using additional SMS lists and sub-keywords to create different actions for different messages, we’ll write more about this in a future tutorial – or feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team if you’d like to find out more!

By promoting your text-in campaigns you’ll find that you quickly start engaging with your audience on their mobiles. You can carry on the conversation by sending out bulk SMS campaigns to your captured mobile numbers – check out our video tutorial to find out more.

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