Building your database

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After many conversations with customers a question that pops up time and time again is “How do I build my database?”

We covered some tips a few years ago but I though it was time for a refresh.

Firstly let’s start with how NOT to build your database so we can be done with it. You NEVER want to purchase or rent email lists, you want to make sure all our subscribers have opted in to receive communication from you.

Now that we’re on the right track let’s talk about building your database.

Give something away

Chances are you have a product or service you sell. If you manufacture this yourself then you’re in a really good position to give it away in exchange for someone to simply sign-up to your mailing list. If your product/service is of high value you could have a pool and draw a winner each month from your new subscriptions. If you can afford to give away more or you have a smaller value item, then you could give it away to all new subscriptions – such as a free coffee coupon.

Samples are an alternative – you could give all new subscribers a digital sample chapter of your latest book or a trial period of your service.

If you’re not in a position to give anything away and some of us aren’t, then you can always give away advice; your knowledge is certainly of value. Provide insight into your industry in your newsletters. If you’re targeting the correct demographic then these potential subscribers will want to hear what you have to say.

A couple of recent examples to give you some inspiration.

Loyalty programs

A while back I stayed at a new hotel whilst in Sydney for a convention. I had to continue working the week so setup shop in the hotel room. With WiFi an option, I went down to reception to enquire on the price and was informed that I could sign up for their membership program. The cost – hand over my contact information and to opt-in to receive communication from them. The benefits – free WiFi whenever I stay at any of their hotels, 2 free bottles of water everyday while I stayed and free printing in their business centre.

“Where do I sign?”

Free samples

I was searching the web the other day for some information on Google advertising. I came across an eBook that looked to be the business.  On their site there was a banner “Sign up to our newsletter to receive 2 free chapters and weekly pro tips to your inbox”.

Again, another fantastic way to boost their database. Not only are they increasing their subscribers, they are qualifying leads. The on-going tips is a hook that aims to convert those subscribers that the initial free chapters didn’t. Genius.

Building your database will take time and not every approach will work but keep trying. Your database is one of your company’s most valuable assets.

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