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Coding dynamic components

Coding dynamic content components

It’s fair to say we’re pretty excited about dynamic content components. That is, how you…

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Inbox analysis

What’s in my inbox today?

48 emails – that is, 48 ‘marketing’ emails, not including notifications or those from colleagues,…

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Email marketing – 10 top tips

It’s possibly the most common question… “If you had to condense successful email marketing into…

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The Rundown Report: Email lives on (and more!)

Another week has flown by, so let’s catch up on three stories that caught our…

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We’re at ‘IAB Engage’ this week

This week we’re at the IAB Engage Conference in London. It’s IAB’s (the Internet Advertising…

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What impacts… deliver, open, click?

Delivered, opened and clicked. If you successfully conquer each of these stages it’s likely that your email…

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Rundown report

The Rundown Report: charity, shopping and football?

Another week has flown by here at Sign-Up.to. Here’s our regular Friday wind-down of digital…

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Email design – we like these

We love great email design – you may have noticed! – so we’ve added some…

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Precision targeting using ‘Audiences’

‘Audiences’ is the feature which makes targeting precise interest groups from your database simple, so…

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The Rundown Report: It’s not all bad news…

It’s always a busy week here at Sign-Up.to – there’s just time to report some…

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Dynamic Content

Designing emails with Dynamic Content

Imagine an email campaign that automatically adapts to display content according to the known interests…

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Elite Business live

Integration, automation, and insight @Elite Business Live

This week we’ve been invited to speak at the Elite Business Live event at the…

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New tools for centralised template management

If you’re managing email marketing at group level then here are 4 new Sign-Up.to developments you…

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Rundown report

The Rundown Report: Tax dodgers, drones and dresses

Next week we’ll be speaking at the Elite Business Live event at the ExCeL centre…

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Personal greeting

Simple personalisation using profile merging

Despite being easy to do, many email campaigns contain little or no personalisation. Personalisation is…

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Collect insights! Building a subscriber profile

In theory, to send an email campaign all you need is a subscriber’s email address….

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The Rundown Report: it’s all about Apple this week!

Another week has flown by and the weekend is almost here! Let’s catch up with…

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Email personalisation. Let’s get started

Shhhh! There’s a simple secret to effective email marketing – relevance. Personalisation makes a campaign…

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