Using Internet Explorer 7? It’s time to upgrade your browser.

2 minute read

With the arrival of Windows 8 comes Internet Explorer 10, and it’ll be coming to Windows 7 soon enough. Every new browser is greeted with a mixture of excitement tainted by anxiety here at Modern browsers allow us to do super-cool things and make your online marketing experience even better but all Internet browsers inevitably have their quirks and behave in slightly different ways. This means we have more work to do in order to ensure all of our customers get the same great experience from the system.

Of course this is an expected part of our challenge to provide the world with marvellous online marketing tools, but as technology moves on, older browsers simply won’t support the features the majority of our users have come to expect. There comes a time when we have to cease supporting older browsers in order to improve the experience for the vast majority of our customers. For IE7, that time has now come.

So from the beginning of 2013, it won’t be possible to log in to your account using Internet Explorer 7 (or any earlier versions) without acknowledging that we no longer support your browser. We will continue to support Internet Explorer 8 for a long time to come; we’re aware this is the newest version available on Windows XP. We’ll also continue to attempt to support all versions of Firefox and Chrome, although we would certainly recommend using the latest versions of these browsers. If it isn’t possible for you to avoid using an old version of Internet Explorer, you could consider using Google’s Chrome Frame.

All this relates purely to our online marketing suite at, and if you’re a partner, your control panel. Our data capture forms, unsubscription pages and subscriber preference centre will of course continue to be supported in all browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.