When it’s time to say goodbye…

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Crying Woman Being Consoled by a Man --- Image by © Images.com/CorbisWhether it’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ or good old fashioned breaking up, there comes a time in the permission marketing process when unsubscription is in everyone’s best interests. But contrary to the song (for you youngsters, that’s Sedaka/Greenfield, 1962) – breaking up needn’t, and indeed shouldn’t, be hard to do.

We all unsubscribe from outgrown interest or unwanted emails at some point, and like me you’ve probably been frustrated by the complicated, or worse non-functional, unsubscribe process of some senders.

We’ve updated the Sign-Up.to unsubscribe process so when it’s time to leave it’s as quick and simple as possible. No web page redirect, no re-login required, no complicated questionnaire or attempt to change your mind, just a simple confirmation and a minimum of gathered intelligence.

Customers clicking the unsubscribe link in emails issued from the Sign-Up.to platform will soon see a new landing screen – we refer to it as the Preference Centre. By default the Preference Centre screen adopts the Sign-Up.to branding but it’s also customisable to your own look and feel – so your users will have a joined up brand experience from your campaign emails, your website and, if required, your final goodbye.

unsub-1 unsub-2

The new landing page confirms the unsubscribe request and asks for just a little feedback on the reason for leaving – currently these include the objections of non-relevancy, excessive frequency, non-subscription, and plain old spam. On confirmation the unsubscribe request is activated and the intelligence gathered feeds back into the system for future development. At the moment this data is for internal use but, as it has implications for your future campaigns, we’ll make your unsubscribe data available on request.

Behind the scenes we’ve also re-engineered the background process to focus less on subscriber list inclusion and more on the concept of subscriber audiences. If you remember our recent posts on profiling you’ll recall that audiences is a powerful and dynamic way of segmenting your subscribers, if necessary including those who wish to be excluded from future contact.

While we always try our best, we understand that your vision of unsubscription may vary from ours.  To help, we’ve opened up our Preference Centre to integrators too. The full freedom of our Permission Marketing API will allow you to craft your own journey and propagate the unsubscribe to other systems. As you might expect, strict rules are in place to ensure the subscriber’s journey isn’t impeded.

One more thing. As the Preference Centre name suggests, visitors can also use this page to manage their personal profile, for example to update details or pass their subscription to a new contact.

As developments go it’s not rocket science, and we all hate to lose subscribers, but effective unsubscription is a legal requirement and a fundamental part of permission. So if the need comes, we’ve made it as quick and painless as possible. After all, the time may not be right now, but there’s always tomorrow.

If you have any questions on our Preference Centre drop our friendly Support team an email and they’ll be happy to help you.