Set Your Own Double Opt-In Emails

1 minute read

We’ve just released an extension to the data collection form system which allows you to customise the double opt-in email that new subscribers receive at the end of the sign-up process.

Double opt-in is required in order to confirm that the email address entered into the data capture form does indeed belong to the person filling out the form. A short, simple email is sent to the email address explaining that a request to subscribe has been received, and the recipient has the option of clicking a link to confirm the subscription request, or simply disguarding the email should they not wish to subscribe.

By default we will of course still send out our default email if you don’t set a custom message, but we’d like to give you the option to set your own content. To do so, there a ‘Create custom opt-in email’ link at the bottom of the list feature menu in ‘Capture’. In here you can set up the email details, and by inserting the code %opt-in% you may place the opt-in link anywhere in the body of your email.

You can amend or delete custom messages at any time; they appear as another yellow ‘item’ when a list is expanded in the Capture section. A comprehensive help menu is available at the side of the page, but as ever, our support team are always available should you need them.