Power-up your marketing and automate Sign-Up.to with 245+ services!

2 minute read

No doubt you’re already running many different web services for your business – e-commerce, email marketing, accounting and more. Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could get them all talking together to automate processes for you?

That’s the reason we’ve invested heavily in our brand new API – to let you link with as many of these as possible to automate your marketing through Sign-Up.to.

Imagine if you could automatically add new customers for your Magento store to your newsletter list, or trigger a follow-up email to them seven days after purchase? How about automatically adding a new prospect from Microsoft Dynamics to your event invite list in Sign-Up.to? Our API enables all of this and much, much more.

However, if you, like many of our customers, aren’t a developer or don’t have one on hand then creating new integrations can be a challenge. That’s why I’m really excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with the awesome folks at Zapier to integrate with their platform. It’s the ideal solution for linking web services together without needing a developer on staff.

What is Zapier?

In their own words, “Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect their web services together, saving time and improving productivity.”

What can I sync from Zapier to Sign-Up.to?

For this version we’ve focussed on the most requested feature – making it simple to get subscriber/contact data from other services into Sign-Up.to. This means you can update lists with new subscribers and even trigger Marketing Automation actions.

So what can this do for me?

With hundreds of services available on Zapier, there are many, many possibilities for ways that you can use Sign-Up.to and Zapier to automate your marketing and save time on manual data processing. We’ve put together a few examples but it’s simple to create your own connections.

This looks great, how do I get started?

As well as a Sign-Up.to account, you’ll also need to create an account with Zapier. They’ve a handy free tier and you can always upgrade to get more capacity.