Our first iPhone app is now live!

2 minute read

As you may have gathered if you’re a regular on our blog, here at Sign-Up.to we’re inordinately passionate about 3 things:

  1. Permission Marketing
  2. Creating great customer experiences
  3. Technology

Or to be more precise, all of those 3 things combined. We’re always experimenting with new ways to help our customers engage with their audience and when that involves new technology, that’s even better, but only when we can do something genuinely useful, not just for the sake of using something new.

One of the things we’ve been itching to try is creating an iPhone app. Today we’re really happy to be launching our first one (there are already many more in the pipeline!)

This app is for the lovely Prezzo, the fabulous Italian restaurant chain.

As well as letting users find and book their nearest restaurant, browse the menu and view the latest Prezzo news, the app integrates with their Sign-Up.to account to allow users to register for, receive and redeem discount vouchers directly from their iPhone.

We love it when we can use technology like this – everyone wins. It benefits the consumer, making it easy to find and book a restaurant table and really easy to secure a great discount (no need to print out vouchers and remember to take them with you!) and it benefits Prezzo by giving them a new channel to engage with customers and an easy way to track usage of mobile vouchers and reward loyal customers.

You can download the Prezzo iPhone app for free (UK users only)

We realise that apps aren’t all about the iPhone though, so we’ll be following with Android and possibly even Windows Mobile apps in the near future.

If you’d like to find out more about creating a mobile app to link in with your permission marketing, get in touch!