New email design features

3 minute read

We launched our new email design tool just over 3 months ago and since then we’ve been adding new features and polishing features every couple of weeks (we release updates to every two weeks, following an Agile/Scrum development process).

The tool is designed to make creating great looking, responsive email campaigns, quick and painless, with absolutely no coding. You can design an email simply by dragging-and-dropping different layout components into which you can then add your own content.

This week we’ve released a few regularly requested new features to make your email design experience even better.


More theming options

Themes are a big part of the concept behind our email designer. Themes make it simple (and quick!) to create a consistent experience for your reader, by centralising things like text formatting and colours in one place. Consistency is key to successful email design, and now there’s no more worrying if a different font or size has crept into your design when you pasted in content!

We’ve added two new controls to themes – you can now set link styles to be underlined or plain, and you can adjust the margin below headings. The options can be accessed from the ‘Themes’ panel in the editor.



Set separate themes for a section by using the side menu

Set separate themes for a section by using the side menu

If you haven’t used themes before, you can set them for your whole campaign, or apply a unique theme to an individual section by using the right hand menu on that element.







Adding articles

We’ve improved the process of adding new content articles into a section, so that they’re automatically added immediately below the current content, rather than at the bottom.

By stacking different content elements together inside a component it’s possible to create a huge variety of layouts.





Improved image handling in Outlook

Ah, Outlook – the email client that hates designers, or so it often seems. We’ve updated the design tool to improve image handling if your source image is larger than your content area, so that Outlook doesn’t blow out your lovely layout. We’ve also tweaked a few other elements to degrade more gracefully in Outlook if it doesn’t fully support them.


We’ve more new features coming in two weeks time, and we always value feedback, so if there’s something you’d love to see us add – or a feature of the designer that you really like – let us know!