Looking ahead… but now closer than before

2 minute read


Remember my blog piece ‘Looking ahead… a new campaign editor’ from December last year? Well, things continue to move on apace and the new editor has now opened it’s eyes and is about to start it’s program of pre-beta exposure to a select preview group.

Gradually exposing our future technology in this way to a small preview audience is an important part of the agile process which we use for product development. The experience will help us to further shape and refine what will soon become a central feature of Sign-Up.to.

Although the basics are in place the pre-beta version is still very much a development preview. However it now has sufficient form and functionality to demonstrate the concept and for our guinea pigs to create some real email campaigns.

Suffice to say we’re really excited about it.

This is a significant change both in terms of the features and the approach to creating emails. For starters, all emails it creates will look great on any device – mobile, desktop or tablet. It also removes the need to work with a specific template. The editor is designed to be completely flexible allowing you freely create in a highly intuitive way. Here are a couple of sneak preview screenshots of what you can soon expect to see.



If you are an existing Sign-Up.to user and you’d like to be part of our pre-beta preview group please give us a call. We’d love to include you in the process and add your feedback into the ongoing development.