Introducing Share – Business Class Social Media Marketing

4 minute read

Whether you’re already a social media power user or you’re getting ready to test the waters, Share will change the way you manage your social marketing. We’re really excited about this, as you may have guessed from the teaser videos we’ve put out over the last few weeks.

Social is a huge opportunity for businesses but to get the most benefit it has to be well managed and integrated with other online channels, like email and mobile. We found that there weren’t the tools out there that made this easy enough for a busy marketer to manage. So we went out and built them. It took a while. But we think you’ll like what we’ve come up with.

Share enables you to manage your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts directly from within – moving us a lot closer to our aim of making us the single login you need to manage all your one-to-one marketing.

This isn’t simply about posting messages though – it’s about creating truly interactive conversations with your fans and about tracking those conversations so that you can learn from them and constantly improve. We call this Business Class Social Marketing.

Share’s main split-screen view lets you interact with your fans and followers, track posts, comments and tweets in real-time. It’s designed to let you handle lots of interactions with minimum effort – saving you heaps of time.

We wanted to make it simple to stay on top of what’s important, so Share shows you who your most active followers are, lets you monitor the sentiment of comments using ‘Vibe’ and allows you to create private notes for your followers, to help you keep track of your relationships.

So that you can get to know your fans better there’s a Facebook app that you can install to run competitions and mailing list subscriptions on your Facebook pages, with all of the data being stored in your lists. Set-up is a breeze, just follow the steps from the new App tab in Share.

Share is available in two versions, both of which can be used on their own or added to an existing account.

The standard version is ideal for managing single accounts and comes with all the main features, but without the ability to schedule posts or view detailed analytics.

The Business Class version of Share is for social media power-users and comes with extensive analytics, supports multiple Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts and allows scheduling posts across multiple accounts at once.

As a thank you to all our existing monthly and annual customers, we’re making the standard version of Share available to you free forever and offering the Business Class version free until the end of September, with a permanent discount on the normal monthly price if you choose to upgrade before the end of the month. For details please see the notices in the Share section of your account.

You’ll find Share available in your account when you log in. You’ll need to follow the steps to integrate with Facebook and Twitter to get started. We’ve create a whole new section of the site to talk about the features available in depth, and a host of new tutorials to help you get the most from everything. As always, you can call or email us with any questions.

We can’t wait to see what you do with Share!