Introducing ‘Go social!’

3 minute read

Social media tools are a great way of promoting your business and engaging with your subscribers long after you’ve sent an email. Today we’ve rolled out some superbly useful social tools in all accounts. It’s time to go social!

Our ‘Go social’ tools are available in both the Campaign Designer and Classic Editor email design modes and we’ve broken them down into two rather neat sections.

  • ‘Get followers’. This tab allows you to add buttons associated with Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn. Simply enter the URL to your company page and your subscribers will be able to click straight to the relevant social media profile. It makes it really easy for them to like or follow you as well as being an effective method of growing your social media presence with minimal effort. A real winner, every time!
  • ‘Go viral’. The idea here is to let your subscriber do the sharing and let’s face it, the easier you can make this process, the more likely it is that they’ll spread the word about your brand. People love to share brands they like with their friends and this tool gives your subscribers the chance to show off their loyalty to you. This is available for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and we’ve also included the trusty ‘send to a friend’ button here, making it easy for your email to be forward to the recipient’s friends.

Both tabs give you the option to arrange your social buttons as you see fit. They can be stacked vertically or in a horizontal line and the spacing between the buttons can also be defined. You can also drag and drop the icons in the preview window to your heart’s content. If you really want to go to town with the tools, you can even use your own custom buttons whilst still retaining the share functionality.

We hope you like the new ‘Go social’ tools, our team designed them to be the easiest way for subscribers to get on board with your social media activities and for them to be able to share the love with their friends. We’ve put together some handy documentation about this brand new tool, so click to find out more. Please do let us know what you think in the comments box below, or feel free to drop us an email with any comments or questions you have. Go forth and be social!