In Control Of Your Data

1 minute read

While our systems have always been designed to keep the end subscriber ‘in charge’ of their own data, our clients have in some cases needed a bit more control themselves. You’ve always been able to manually update subscriber email addresses and mobile numbers, but now we’re giving you tools to make quick amendments to your subscriber’s data, while of course still leaving the end recipient in full control of their profile.

In the ‘Capture’ section there’s a ‘Subscriber Manager’ section that allows you to browse your data and refine it by various criteria such as the recipient’s name, email address or phone number. While I’m on the topic, it’s possibly worth mentioning that you can use this section to gather information such as which of your subscribers are using a yahoo email address: just stick the search term ‘yahoo’ into the search box and there you go!

Once you’ve used the search box to find the subscriber(s) you need to manage, just click the people icon and select ‘Edit subscriber’ to make amends to their profile.