How Long Have My Subscribers Been On My List?

1 minute read

This is quite a common question, and it’s a good one too. How many new subscriptions did you gather last month? Which of your customers were with you last Christmas? This is all valuable information, and we’ve just enhanced our export tool to make it more accessible.

It has always been possible to view the date that a subscriber was added to your account, but until now it’s not been as easy to see when a subscriber joined a particular list. We’ve now changed the export data options to always show ‘Account Subscription Date’, and additionally show ‘List Subscription Date’ if the export is exclusively from one list.

We’ll soon be adding a host of information to help you analyse your account, but in the meantime this tweak to the export tool can be used to harvest and build new lists to help target new and old subscribers separately. For more help and advice on this, just drop our friendly support team a note: