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In this day and age you’re probably utilising more than one web app to manage your day-to-day business and marketing. You might maintain your customers in a CRM like SaleForce or Capsule, you could do you accounting in Xero or FreshBooks and you’ve definitely got an Email Service Provider like, right?

So what happens when you need to connect them? Previously you needed to be handy with code and get stuck into APIs, but now, in comes Zapier.
Zapier provide a really simple way push data between over 60 services with some very cool drag-and-drop tools. Now business owners and marketing managers can setup their own integrations.

We’ve been working with Zapier and have just added to the list of services you can link.


Any service that captures user information like Capsule CRM or a fancy form service like Wufoo can be connected. That data can then be directed into your account as a new subscriber.

*Remember your permission marketing and be sure to advise your contacts they are opting in to receive email communication from you.

Get Started:

Create a free account with Zapier and once you’ve dragged in the 2 services you want to connect, simply authorise the service, enter your API information and you’re ready to go.

Zapier will check your zaps every 5mins for new data and send over any new contacts automatically, so you can set and forget. If you need faster syncing or more integrations they have premium plans to suit.


Below are just some of the great services that you can integrate with your account and we’ll be adding much more functionality in the future.

Please let us know how you’re using Zapier in the comments below. If you need any help setting it up you can always contact our support team.

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