Frequently Asked Questions

2 minute read

Even with the glorious weather trying to tempt us outside we have remained in the office (just about!). We decided to dedicate the day towards making improvements for the use of for both old and new customers.

Here at we use the system day in and day out (obviously!) which makes it easy for us to forget how some areas of the system may not appear as clear as we think they do.

Within the Support team we hear a lot of the same questions filter through each day and repeat the same answers. So we thought it was time to try and provide an FAQ section of the most asked about questions, so here it is!

The system provides so much functionality for digital marketing that our help documentation may seem quite daunting when first looking at it. We have created this FAQ section to help make things easier and clearer. Each question is answered as briefly as possible and links to the relevant page within our Help section, to quickly progress to the exact area that answers your question and get you moving.

We are constantly looking to improve things here at and hope that this FAQ section will come in handy! We have started it small with the plan to keep building it as the questions come in. So please feel free to contact the Support team with any questions you think may be helpful.