Feature Focus: New API Features

1 minute read

We’ve got a couple of new extensions and applications for the more technically minded among you. For those who’ve not used them before, our APIs provide programmers with direct access to our system features. This means that any other website can ‘talk’ to our databases, permitting groovy data capture forms, SMS reactions, desktop applications and much more.

New items are an Account Statistics pack with reveals all manner of interesting facts and figures from subscription rates to email penetration results, and a Goal Tracking pack which allows an email campaign’s effect to be monitored all the way through e-commerce or destination micro-sites.

Existing features allow two way SMS traffic handling, subscription management, email and SMS campaign management and system feedback for email views and link clicks. For more information please take a look at http://api.sign-up.to/ or give us a call on 0845 644 4184.