Customising Your Double Opt-In Emails

1 minute read

We’ve just added a small extension to our custom double opt-in emails; a tool that could use a bit of PR itself, so here’s a brief lowdown. If you use our easy to create forms to add subscribers to your lists, or even if you add them directly from your own application using our groovy API tools, we’ll send your new subscribers a quick email asking them to confirm their subscription. The email is a vital part of ensuring that your data complies with the data protection laws, and gives complete trust that you’re not an evil ‘spammer’.

In ‘Capture’, there’s an option to specify a custom version of this email:


This allows for a HTML and a plain text email to be specified which is sent as a multipart to ensure that the recipient receives it as per their email client’s preferences. The actual double opt-in link is represented by the token %opt-in% – and we’ve just added in the ability to specify the text appearance of this link in HTML versions.


So now it doesn’t have to read “click here”, you may insert any message that you think may encourage your subscribers to confirm their subscription!