Create – Draft Auto-Saves

1 minute read

A new feature has been added to the ‘Create’ section which will periodically auto-save draft campaigns while you are creating/updating your campaigns. While you are using the editor, a draft will be automatically saved/updated for every five minute period that the editor window is open.

If for any reason you don’t save a new campaign, you’ll be able to see the draft at the top of the list of campaigns. While editing a campaign a draft will appear under that campaign in the list, as shown below.


Drafts that appear in this list can be restored at any time. This works just like the ‘Duplicate’ feature: you’ll be asked to specify a name and the draft will be duplicated without the draft status. When a campaign is deleted so are any related drafts. Drafts can’t be edited or deleted, they can only be restored.

We hope that this feature can save the day should anything go wrong with your computer or internet connection while building a campaign, but please don’t rely on it too much – try and save your own back-ups to your computer when ever possible.