Create – Check Campaign Tool

2 minute read

This week sees the addition of a long awaited feature to our ‘Create’ section. Available in the main Campaign Creation tool, the new Check Campaign tool will allow you to check your campaign against common spam filters and also perform other quality checks, including link and image checking.

We’ve tried to keep this as straightforward as possible and hope that you’ll find this tool as useful as we have.

When you’d like to check your campaign simply click the ‘Check Campaign’ button and a report will be requested.

Check Campaign

Once the report is ready you’ll be presented with a link and using this you’ll be able to view it online, along with the options to print a copy or send a copy via email.

The report will be broken down in to four sections: Spam, Formatting, Link and Image reports.
Along with these breakdowns you’ll also see an at the glance indication of the campaigns overall condition.

Check Campaign

In keeping with our keep it simple approach, we’ve limited the possible response to just three, which are as follows:

Ok – your campaign has successfully passed all campaign checks!
Caution – there are no major errors but there may be some improvements you can make.
Errors Detected – we strongly recommend revising your campaign.

You should easily be able to identify the corresponding report causing the error as each individual report will have their own summary with either a good, caution or stop error message.

Each report will evaluate its property on more than one level; such as images, for which we’ll check size, validity and alternate text. If you’re in any doubt about the error messages being displayed, our support team are more than happy to help with this or any other feature.