Choose your audience: Facebook launches location targeting

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Facebook pages can now target posts by country, city or language.  This gives you far more control over who sees your updates and allowing you to maintain a worldwide presence from a single page.

To use this new feature enter your update and then click the drop down box next to the share button. Select customise to bring up the “choose your audience” screen.


On the “choose your audience” screen you can enter the audience you wish to target, be that a single city where you are running a special offer, or a specific language group you wish to send a translated message to.

We have already used this feature with one of our clients, an international recording artist but there may be other, more local uses, or even just for fun as in the example below.


One drawback is that you cannot exclude one particular location easily but you can include multiple locations, although this could become a lengthy process.

The advantage of being able to target in this way is that your messages remain relevant regardless of the size of your fan base. This is one of the key benefits of permission marketing and makes Facebook much more useful as a platform.

Let us know how you have used this new feature in the comments, or catch us on Facebook.

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