10 Things To Check Before You Press Send

2 minute read

Before you send your email campaign out, there are certain things you should always double-check – here’s our list of the 10 most important campaign elements you should test:

  1. Images – are they all in .gif or .jpeg format and is the total size of all images under 50Kb (recommended)
  2. Text – does your campaign have a good balance of text and images. Many email clients block images by default so your message should be readily understandable even if users don’t load any images.
  3. Spelling – have you checked your spelling and grammar? Spell-check is your friend!
  4. Links – have you checked that all of your links work and go through to the pages you expect?
  5. Subject Line – is your subject line clear and enticing? A good subject line is vital for getting a good open rate.
  6. From Name – is this clear and consistent with your other mailings? Recipients often use this to decide whether they trust the sender or not.
  7. Reply Address – have you set a valid reply email address for your campaign?
  8. Personalisation – if you’re using personalisation in your campaign, make sure you send a test mailout and check that each element works as you expect. Also ensure you’ve set alternate text where relevant.
  9. Plain-text version – it’s a good idea to set a plain text version of your campaign. If you don’t, we’ll automatically include a link to a web version of your campaign so that plain-text only recipients can still read your campaign.
  10. Spam Score – you don’t want your efforts to go to waste by having your campaign mistaken as spam. Although Sign-Up.to’s whitelisted email servers will get your message through the first stage of many spam filters, you also need to check the content of your campaign – we recommend using our Campaign Check tool to see how many common spam filters will rate your message, and also sending test emails to as many different email accounts as you can.