Collect new subscribers using SMS marketing

2 minute read

mobileLet’s face it – there is an endless number of marketing channels available to you and your business. Deciding which ones to use can be exhausting, especially with the information-rich internet readily available at your fingertips. Making a decision that’s both manageable and right for your business might seem difficult, but here at we’d like to try and make that decision easier.

SMS marketing is a great way of reaching your customers instantly, anywhere. Today we’d love for you to take a couple of minutes out, so that we can demonstrate how you can use SMS to gather both mobile numbers and email addresses in one text message. You can even try this while standing in the kitchen making yourself that essential morning coffee!

The popular text-to-subscribe feature enables people to opt-in wherever they are, using a technology that everyone is familiar with. It presents the opportunity for you to then contact them via two key marketing channels – mobile and email.

To see what we mean, simply text TRY and your email address to 61211.

What happens after that? Our system will immediately send you both an SMS message and an email. We didn’t use any gimmicks, just tools available to anyone who has a account. If you’re curious about how we put this together why not check out our handy guide to setting up your own text-to-subscribe service.

We hope you’ll get involved and see for yourself how valuable SMS could be for you and your business. If you have any questions or feedback about our SMS tools, email our Support team or leave a comment in the box below.