Brenden’s birthday, and more about us

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Midway in what has already been an extremely productive week, we stopped to celebrate Brenden’s birthday. Brenden’s our lead designer, ultimately responsible for all our email templates and custom artwork, and he also looks after our social media and marketing work for clients such as Seal. Buying a birthday cake for a colleague so involved with design and appearance was always going to be difficult – the man has an iPhone for heaven’s sake – but I think I managed to get a cake swish enough to keep him happy.


While I had the camera out I thought I’d take a few more photos to give more of an insight into life at Sign-Up Technologies. One thing I’ve learned from posting photos on the internet is that one has to be careful to inspect what’s on display in the background as sometimes there are items on display that shouldn’t be freely shared!

In the instance of the above photo you can see we’ve still got some Christmas lights not only up but on – we’ve taken the other decorations down but these are just too funky, and in a corporate colour, so we’ve opted to leave them up for the foreseeable.

We’ve also got this cool white film which clings to walls due to static, and turns them into a reuseable dry-wipe surface like a whiteboard. It’s great – if you have an idea just leap up and scrawl it on the wall!

While Woking can’t boast London’s range of lunchtime destinations, it’s got a pretty reasonable array of pleasant eateries. Despite this, we’ve still got a bit of a “desk diner” culture. On the surface this may appear to be a bad thing, but I feel it depends on the reasons. If staff are penned into cubicles and are kept so busy that they can’t afford to leave their station for more than a few minutes at a time, it’s clearly a bad thing. However, if a healthy meal can be prepared at work and consumed in an open plan environment at a leisurely pace, surely it’s a sensible option?

As ever, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a photo of Karen and Sophie proving that desk dining can be cool:



Karen and Sophie, along with Mark (pictured left) form our customer service and support team, and are tasked with making sure that our happy customers stay that way. They’re a great unit with different strengths and backgrounds; Mark’s is coding, Sophie’s sales and accounts, and Karen’s is technical support and administration.

Matt & GavinOur sales and business development team are responsible for our sales process, and helping our larger customers grow their subscriber database and reap the greatest possible rewards from our system. From that department, Gavin and Matt Huntly offered to pose so beautifully for this photo!

At the end of day, Stuart, Nick, Karen, Sophie and I had an ‘open meeting’ to discuss a review of our online billing procedures and practices. We’ve got meeting rooms for more official or private meetings, but an open meeting allows input from all staff members in the vicinity and generally aids transparency, vital if everyone is to be singing from the same songsheet.

Open meeting

Until next time…