The Rundown Report: Advertising, AI and chips

1 minute read

Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by. This week we’re talking brand advertising, artificial intelligence and high performance computing – of course!

1. IAB UK switch to

News just in! The Internet Advertising Bureau UK has switched to for their email marketing. The IAB is the UK trade association for digital advertising, representing most of the UK’s leading brands, media owners and agencies.



2. All for 1 – Coca Cola moves to one-brand strategy

Talking of brand advertising, Coca-Cola is to introduce a ‘one brand strategy‘ where its four product variants, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life will now be marketed underneath the single Coca-Cola master brand.



3. Test yourself on Facebook’s artificial intelligence questions

AI researchers at Facebook have come up with a series of logic questions that they say an artificial intelligence must be able to answer if it is ever to match the brain power of a human. See how you score – my bet is 4/5.



4. Moore’s ‘law’ is not dead – but it might be ill

Finally, one for the geeks? 50 years after Gordon Moore’s prediction of a doubling of computational processing power every 2 years, current conjecture is that his ‘law’ is looking increasingly infeasible over the coming years.


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