The Rundown Report: Targeting millennials, Microsoft’s wearable tech and the trains that sniff out graffiti vandals

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Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Targeting Millennials with your email marketing campaign

MarketingProfs explains how to engage millennials into your email marketing campaigns. It is interesting to note that almost 40% of millennials do not work 9-5 and regularly review their emails on their mobile phones throughout the day.

2. NASA radars used to save lives in Nepal

NASA’s portable radar unit (FINDER) has helped locate 4 men who survived, buried under rubble, after the earthquake in Nepal. The device which was originally designed to detect life forms on alien planets.

3. Trend towards Phablets in the US

Kantar Worldpanel reports that one in five smartphone purchases in the US are phablets (a hybrid between a phone and tablet). As ever, this shows the importance of optimisation of content for differing sizes of mobile devices.

4. Microsoft takes a chance at wearable technology

The Financial Times have reviewed the Microsoft HoloLens, a wearable pair of goggles that intertwine holograms into the real world, creating an augmented reality. This suggests that future product could start making more use of projecting the digital simulations into the real world, we may start to see targeted advertising appearing right in front of us!


5. Sydney trains sniff out graffiti vandals

More than 30 offenders have been caught under the Mousetrap scheme which ‘sniffs out’ graffiti artists illegally spraying paint in public transport. Although the scheme cost $500,000 it is nothing compared to the $34 million spent on removing graffiti last year.


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