The Rundown Report: Drones, great subject lines and throwing away $300 in one click.

2 minute read

Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Drones help aid relief in Nepal

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being used to help relief operations in Nepal, the BBC reports. Images are being taken to help aid crews and rescue workers on the ground.

2. Windows 10 release date rumored to be late July

Lisa Su, CEO of AMD has let slip that the latest Microsoft operating system may be ready by late July, the Telegraph details. This seems to coincide with Microsoft who have confirmed they intend to release in the ‘summer’.


3. Subject lines that increase your email open rate

Marketing Land shows how to improve your open rate. According to their report, stating in an email header that there is ‘still time’ to redeem an offer increases the read rate by an incredible 15.5%! On the other hand, stating that time is ‘running out’ seems to reduce the open rate by 3.3%.

4. An infographic – engaging subscribers from the off

A great infographic explaining why it is important to engage subscribers from the minute they sign up. Great to know that welcome emails increase revenues by 320%!

5. Man throws away $300 in one click

A man has accidently ordered an Xbox One during a tech demo! It’s fair to say he was left feeling fairly shocked; a little too easy to do? Perhaps!


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