Reach your subscribers on the go using our new responsive email templates

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According to the Our Mobile Planet guide from Google, 85% of UK smartphone users access communication channels such as email and social media on their device. With so many of your subscribers logging on and checking their email using a smartphone, you need to be sure that your campaigns always look great when they reach the inbox, no matter what size the screen. Using one of our new responsive email templates is a quick and easy solution.

What is responsive email design?

Responsive email design is the term used to describe HTML email campaigns which fold down beautifully when viewed on smaller screens. Images resize appropriately and text re-wraps to accommodate narrower screen widths, without becoming too small to read. The recipient won’t have to zoom in or scroll horizontally to view the full message.

How can I create responsive emails?

We’ve introduced three brand new responsive templates to our Campaign Designer editor. Simply customise the background colour to match your branding, drag and drop images and articles and create great looking, responsive email campaigns. You can then preview your emails at different screen resolutions using our preview in browser tool.

responsive design

If you’re experienced with coding HTML for email and are familiar with media queries, you can try your hand at coding your own responsive emails. Simply follow our guide to creating a template.

Is there a downside to responsive email design?

Complicated and long emails don’t work well, especially for the smartphone audience. Responsive design works best with a single column template and the emails should be kept short and sweet. This will ensure your subscribers don’t have to scroll down through miles of content. Instead, include links to ‘read more’ about certain sections, where recipients can click through to view further content in their browser.

It’s also worth noting that some email clients on smartphones don’t like responsive email design. The most infamous of these is the Android Gmail app, which strips out all of the CSS header and so will happily ignore the media queries which make an email responsive. This can be largely overcome by having a simple, single column email design as these usually fare best when it comes to readability and usability, even after an email client has interpreted the HTML.

Top tip

Adding borders or padding to your images will break the responsiveness of your email. When you’re creating images to put into your campaign, be sure to make them the correct size and include any white space you’d like to have around the edges.

In summary

Mobile device optimisation for websites is increasingly important as the prevalence of smartphones and tablets grows, but don’t forget about your email campaigns. The easy-to-use Campaign Designer tool available in all accounts makes creating beautiful, responsive emails quick and simple. We hope our new templates inspire you to get started!

If you need any assistance with creating responsive email designs, our friendly Support team is always on hand to answer your questions. Alternatively, pop a comment below and tell us what you’re doing to catch the attention of your subscribers when they’re out and about.